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Dice Roller maintained by Cindel
ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time
10607661211NeopolitanNeo attacking Hoya with Crucifixion [x6]2018-09-23 22:47:46
1060755881KatagawaGathering2018-09-23 22:23:55
1060747483DustinVertical Arc on Minotaur2018-09-23 21:49:28
10607383173DustinVertical Arc vs Hoya2018-09-23 21:35:35
10607257121DustinBasic attack vs rock2018-09-23 21:14:00
106071103118HikoruAttacking Durares using Swarm2018-09-23 20:45:26
10607041144HirruRolling to counter Stryder2018-09-23 19:31:57
1060693521StryderRolling to tackle Hirru2018-09-23 18:42:22
10606893171Tricolor_minaBasic attack on Boulder2018-09-23 15:02:18
1060671439HazadoAttacking Queen Wasp Mighty Charge x42018-09-23 06:30:40
10606683185HazadoAttacking Queen Wasp Mighty Charge x42018-09-23 06:22:04
106065102194HazadoAttacking Queen Wasp Mighty Charge x42018-09-23 05:52:33
1060649941HiddenEngaging Hirru - Eternal Cyclone2018-09-23 05:29:17
106063107122HazadoGathering Crafting Materials2018-09-23 05:19:04
10606227121RyokoMaterial Gathering <EaL>2018-09-23 04:34:16
10606147189RitheRithe and Giant Bat attacks!!2018-09-22 19:45:04
10606058203ItzalMeteor Strike on Dragon Hornet2018-09-22 17:17:07
1060599528Tricolor_minaRunning Away2018-09-22 16:46:21
10605873209Tricolor_minaRip Ravine on Mob, Mob Attack2018-09-22 16:25:16
1060574152ZuelSword Skill and Giant bat attack.2018-09-22 15:27:30