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Dice Roller maintained by Cindel
ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time
10353071205NeopolitanFishing <<Nature's Treasure>>2018-07-22 23:33:44
103529108101KioshiOpening chest2018-07-22 23:32:19
10352837145NeopolitanLooking for treasure chest2018-07-22 23:21:05
1035277897Dustinbasic attack vs Boar Pup2018-07-22 21:10:17
1035265987Benjamin BookwormT3 Potion Craft Roll (Roll 8 today)2018-07-22 20:22:53
103525101025Benjamin BookwormT3 Potion Craft Roll (Roll 7 today)2018-07-22 20:22:30
1035247996Benjamin BookwormT3 Potion Craft Roll (Roll 6 today)2018-07-22 20:21:58
10352325197Benjamin BookwormT3 Potion Craft Roll (Roll 5 today)2018-07-22 20:15:23
10352291164Benjamin BookwormT3 Potion Craft Roll (Roll 4 today)2018-07-22 20:14:50
10352157102Benjamin BookwormT3 Potion Craft Roll (Roll 3 today)2018-07-22 20:13:49
10352082202Benjamin BookwormT3 Potion Craft Roll (Roll 2 today)2018-07-22 20:13:11
10351961115Benjamin BookwormT3 Potion Craft Roll (Roll 1 today)2018-07-22 20:12:24
10351884134PickT1 Material Gathering2018-07-22 19:40:01
10351786410NeopolitanNeo attacking wasp queen with quadruple strike [x4]2018-07-22 19:29:20
10351622169AsakkuUsing <<Pierce>> On Boar Pup2018-07-22 19:28:24
103515110192NeopolitanFishing <<Nature's Treasure>>2018-07-22 19:16:30
10351458197KioshiSee if the wasp queen hits or misses2018-07-22 19:09:19
1035131012184PickT1 Material Gathering2018-07-22 19:01:06
10351210545PickSearching For a Treasure Chest2018-07-22 18:50:11
1035116101910NeopolitanFishing <<Nature's Treasure>>2018-07-22 18:38:49